Customized Cheapest Aluminium Fixed Safety Glass Window

Customized Cheapest Aluminium Fixed Safety Glass Window
Product Details

1.Dual color design

3500 series applies bridge cutting technology, creating an effect of dual colors inside and outside Perfectly match your housing decoration

2. Planar frame design

The inner frame and outer frame apply planar design, delicate and smart in appearance

3.Smart ventilation system

It is compatible with existing ventilators in the market, realizing a smart ventilation system in home furnishing and a smart life featured by good health, high security and energy-saving The ventilator resolves the contradiction between air tightness and the need for fresh air, not only show high performance in sound insulation, cleanliness and energy-saving, but also in introduction of fresh air 24-hour ventilation, suitable for families with old people and /or children


All of the materials we used are top quality in this line.Our product powder using DuPont and Aksu powder, internationally renowned, wear a glass fiber by German technoform material pa66+25%, injection casting with AZON USA, are well-known brands of the industry.