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Marketing Experience Of High-end Aluminum Doors And Windows

Apr 11, 2017

Experience 1: Door and Window Advisor status most critical

High-end aluminum doors and windows through advertising vertical image, the circle of cross-border activities to promote bearer, but this is not the key. The key is the ability and status of aluminum alloy doors and Windows consultants! Especially in the inverse market under the marketing of high price confidence and rhetoric!

Experience 2: Three heights of marketing

First: High visibility, to arouse concern and discussion.

Second: good reputation, products and services attract people, a little bit of money people have impulse desire to possess.

Third: Lap layer and sale, high-end aluminum doors and windows will always be a few wealthy. The more people can not afford to buy, the more face the people will afford! Selling is pure!

Experience 3: Talk about culture with the wealthy

People who buy high-end aluminum doors and windows are not short of money, no shortage of money. So how to communicate? What topic can arouse customer interest? Talk about culture with the wealthy! Money doesn't necessarily have taste. Men can talk about financial investment golf car travel wine and even beauty! Women can talk about beauty and luxury jewelry, pets or even men! Requirements for aluminum alloy doors and Windows Sales Consultants to Expo the masses have experience and have a taste of quality!

Experience 4: Face is very important

Why did Honda's Mercedes go into China with a lot of car labels? That is to cater to people's face problems! Just rich soon people, good face is the biggest psychological characteristics. "Riches do not return, such as Yi Nocturnal". So high-end aluminum doors and windows to give sufficient customer face: 1. Store decoration must be better, better staff image. 2. On-site service to honor. 3. Praise the customer's eye and taste. 4. Tell him which rich people sell our products!