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How To Design The Doors And Windows?

Apr 11, 2017

The door is the port of residence, it is advisable to tidy and bright, unfavorable accumulation of debris, lest hinder the movement. Two doors can be directly opposite, but should not overlap exactly the opposite, preferably avoid two doors overlap and parallel. The two doors are relative, if the design of a slight discrepancy, will damage the family's physical health, career development and family harmony. If two doors "bite", the family will often quarrel. If people often face the door open to the wall or far from the scene of another room, it will disrupt the flow of the body's gas. Large rooms should open doors such as bedroom, living room or room, small room should open door such as bathroom or kitchen, because the door will press the door, if the bathroom doors too big, will affect the family's health.

The direction of the door contributes to the decision of fate. The doors are heading for eight different directions, with different luck. The door to the north can prosper, and the door to the south will make you easy to fame, to the east door can make you happy life, to the west door shade and descendants, the door to the Northeast representative of the academic achievements of wisdom, to the northwest door conducive to outward development, to the southeast of the door is favorable for fortune, to the southwest of the door is pleased to love.

The door of the house, cannot be rushing "tiger head" or chimney, the so-called "Tiger Head" refers to the sharp corners of the other building or special buildings, if the door or window of the home happens to the corner or prominent buildings, it seems to be on a sharp knife, which is, of course, to live in a very disadvantageous people.

If there are several rooms in the house are connected together, it is best not to set from the door to the end of the number of doors, also unfavorable like hotel restaurants, a corridor attached to a row of rooms. And the door and the rear door can not be worn, that is, not the same with the line, front and rear doors to wear, the main wealth can not gather. In this regard, I suggest that the backdoor can be closed.