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How To Choose Good Doors And Windows--selection Criteria For Aluminium Doors And Windows

Apr 11, 2017

1. Materials

Aluminum doors and windows main materials generally include three aspects: aluminum, glass, hardware, the owner in the purchase of products, often more attention to aluminum and glass thickness, and hardware requirements are not very high, this is not comprehensive. In fact, the state of aluminum alloy doors and windows requirements are certain standards. Aluminum alloy doors and windows of high-quality, its thickness, strength and oxidation film can generally conform to national standards, such as the relevant state requirements: aluminum alloy doors and windows wall thickness should be not less than 1.2mm, oxide film thickness should reach 10 microns. And tempered glass is better than ordinary glasses, if the safety and durability of doors and windows can be considered, stainless steel material hardware fittings (such as screws, hinges, handles, etc.) are better than aluminum fittings, and the pulley is best to choose the pom material products, because such products have higher strength and wear resistance, the use of smooth, difficult to bad. To know, the doors and windows are usually damaged from the beginning of the door and window accessories yo!

2, processing

With good materials, the next step is the door and window processing. Because aluminum alloy doors and Windows technical content is not high, mechanization level is not high, most also rely on the manual operation of the installation workers, which requires the operator to have a good quality of product awareness. It is important to strengthen the skilled and product awareness of the operator in the production process. High-quality aluminum doors and windows, processing fine, tangential flow, angle consistent (main box is usually in the case of 45 or 90 degrees), in the splicing process should not appear more obvious gaps, good sealing performance, switch smoothly. Inferior aluminum alloy doors and windows, especially aluminum alloy outdoor window products if the processing unqualified, will appear sealing properties, not only leakage of rain, but also in strong winds and large external forces, the glass will burst, shedding phenomena, resulting in loss of property and even wounding the phenomenon of owners.

3, appearance

The owner selects aluminum alloy doors and windows products, usually pays great attention to the appearance of the product and the decorative pattern of glass, and often despise the aluminum alloy door and window surface Composite film, this composite membrane is the artificial oxidation film coloring, with corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high gloss, but also has a certain fire function, so in the purchase of aluminum alloy doors and Windows products to compare the same products. In the art of glass, different owners choose from their preference.