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Analysis Of The Consumption Market Of Doors And Windows Industry

Apr 11, 2017

Consumers ' great concern about health and living environment

Nowadays, consumers pay more attention to their own health and environmental protection, and the green building materials with the character of "health, environmental protection and safety" are becoming more favored. Consumer demand for home installation is more and more high, pay more attention to choose those green, low-carbon green doors and windows products. In fact, green production and green consumption has already become the international trend. In international trade, some developed countries enact stringent mandatory technical standards to restrict imports of foreign products that do not conform to their eco-environmental standards. Doors and windows enterprises in the minds of consumers to establish a healthy and environmentally friendly brand image, will inevitably bring more market opportunities for product sales, for the long-term development of enterprises laid a solid foundation.

The consumer is transformed by the individual

Consumers are no longer passive, they have started to talk with dealers, and business conversations, believing in their own power to change this passive situation. Consumers increasingly do not believe in authority, more believe in intuition and word of mouth, will be the product to express their views. At the same time, consumers also understand the use of legal weapons to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. The emergence of consumer groups, heralding the arrival of the era of combining production and marketing, focusing on consumer sentiment has become the door and window enterprises to open up the basic conditions of market.