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What is the advantage of aluminium doors and windows?

Apr 11, 2017

Green: Aluminium is the most readily available and reusable information on the Earth, its production and production processes have no pollution to the environment and will not cause any harm to human health. All aluminum home has zero resin, non-benzene, non-toxic, no radiation, no pollution, recyclable and other advantages, certainly green environmental protection.

Moisture, fire, anti-corrosion, heat insulation: aluminum alloy Profiles at home has outstanding moisture-proof function, home appearance after finishing or foil treatment, even if the long time in the humid environment is not easy to deform, rot, breeding bacteria, greatly prolong the life of the home, increased the scope of application. This kind of home also has fire protection, anti-corrosion function. To market an aluminum alloy profile home For example, its production of home use of the data all goals are consistent with the requirements of refractory materials, according to GB-8624-1997 specifications, incineration function to reach the GB-8624-B1 level. Its application of aluminum profiles in 25HCL solution and saturated CA (OH) 2 in the solution to soak 24 hours without change, the inspection of anti-corrosion function. Because of the structure of aluminum home production characteristics, so its sound insulation, heat preservation function outstanding.

Easy to industrialization production: aluminum alloy profiles with high strength, plasticity, easy appearance processing, forging and welding of the processing function for the aluminum alloy profiles home to the industrial production of a strong guarantee. Along with the continuous improvement of production technology, aluminum alloy profiles home planning, greatly simplified the home production process, shortening the production cycle. The planning of aluminum alloy profiles using modular thinking, the production of standard General household components, and then combined into household products, the device is concise, provincial labor, and can be repeated disassembly and relocation.