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What are the main points in the design of aluminium alloy door?

Apr 11, 2017

1, clean room door should be partially translucent, so as to understand the application of the situation

The door part should be set to light penetrating glass, to facilitate people through the transmission of the lights to understand the internal use of the situation, but also conducive to timely detection of the cleaning between the sudden incidents.

2, the door can be open to the outside, conducive to urgent relief

Now, the market also presents an open door, can be selected according to demand. Clean room in the narrow space, the body may be blocked after the door open to the interior. From the viewpoint of convenience of first aid, the doors of aluminium alloy cleaning is the best outside open or push-pull. Sometimes because of the use of habit or set-type space limits, cleaning can only be selected inside the door, can be part of the bottom of the doors can be opened or dismantled the way, so that emergency relief workers can enter rescue.

3, set the door suction, avoiding the bump of fragile goods

Cleaning the glass shower intervals are attributed to fragile goods, in order to avoid the door open with the shower interval collision, advocate to set up doors suction to control the open size of the door. Should pay attention to the door should be located on the wall of the ground, such as relative concealed directions, to avoid tripping or hanging over the person.

4, pay attention to the installation of sliding door guides to avoid stumble

The selection of aluminum alloy clean sliding doors, should pay attention to the treatment of the ground rails, as far as possible to make the rails and the ground material level, or the threshold and the ground of the high deviation in the control of 15mm below, to avoid the toilet trip, also easy to pass the wheelchair smoothly. You can also choose the upper Guide to the aluminum sliding door.