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Three trends in the development of aluminium alloy doors and windows industry

Apr 11, 2017

Trend 1: Large inputs, planning production

Before the majority of aluminum alloy doors and windows manufacturers in the first business, investment is not large, whether it is capital, still in the plant planning, and even some companies in the beginning of the start-up is 35 of their own small workshops or mom-and-pop stores. But now a large number of aluminum alloy doors and Windows brand is also by these small workshops, mom-and-pop stores to expand, after more than 10 years of development, is heading in the direction of corporate group.

Trend Two: multi-brand promotion, occupy more shopping malls

Because aluminum alloy doors and Windows Professional entry threshold lower, market competition aggravated brand competition, brand promotion into the company to improve the value-added of merchandise an effective way. Aluminum doors and windows of the products of their own technical content is not high, the competition in the company also quite a lot. More companies, aluminum alloy doors and Windows brand also more, aluminum doors and Windows brand competition is very fierce. How to provide aluminum alloy doors and Windows Company's brand visibility into the company's current top question. Even some companies have many brands of phenomena, so can open more shopping malls, add competition power.

Trend three: The aluminum door is based, extending the diversification of commodities

Today, a considerable number of aluminum alloy doors and windows production company to a certain extent, single aluminum door merchandise has been unable to fully satisfy the needs of the company, many aluminum door production company is no longer only a single aluminum door merchandise, and then beginning to the aluminum door extension of the merchandise started. Many of the former flagship aluminum products of the production company, now not only aluminum door merchandise, but also into the steel wooden doors, even once again to extend, to carry out wooden door production.