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The future development trend of doors and windows industry

Apr 11, 2017

1. Continuous breakthrough on the basis of quantity

At present, the construction industry has become China's consumer hot spots and economic growth point, domestic demand will gradually increase, the Western development, revitalization of the Northeast, urban renewal and the construction of New town, the aluminum doors and windows market will continue to maintain the overall growth momentum.

2. The formation of large enterprises as the dominant, SME-assisted market structure

At present, the doors and windows industry has been formed with a number of large enterprises as the mainstay of 100% of the value of more than 100 billion enterprises as the backbone of the technology innovation system represented. This batch of large backbone enterprises to complete industrial output accounted for about 50%% of industrial gross output value, in the National key projects, the image of large and medium-sized cities, urban landmark buildings, foreign projects and foreign engineering construction, for the whole industry to establish a good market image, become the whole industry technology innovation, brand excellence, market development of the main force.

3. Transformation of product structure

Aluminum alloy doors and windows in the building market share will be maintained at more than 55%%, product structure has a greater change. By the National Building energy-saving policy and the impact of energy crisis, energy-saving and environmentally friendly aluminum alloy doors and windows use ratio will be greatly improved.

4. Low carbon environmental protection into the development premise

With the arrival of well-off life, consumers have more and more demanding on their living environment. Green consumption has become the dominant concept of the building consumer market, and green consumption has brought enormous green business opportunities. Therefore, to meet the green consumption demand, develop high-performance, high-tech eco-building and doors and windows, not only from the appearance of the building effect, the doors and windows own basic physical properties and the cost of thinking, but also to the curtain walls and doors and windows of the overall design and ecological environment hanging hook, for the construction of windows and doors can have a good performance, reduce environmental pollution, to create a comfortable environment for people.