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The development of doors and windows industry to channel innovation into the Electronic business era

Apr 11, 2017

About the arrival of a consumer, doors and windows store should be how to do a very good grasp of the ability of the customer, how talented people are very good to introduce their doors and windows merchandise, these are worthy of deep thinking. The so-called store is sold, is also the store is the operation of the outside of the shop, about the arrival or passing of activities customers want to do promotional methods. Shop Head Marketing is a marketing approach that is unique to the retail terminals. and its performance in addition to reflect merchandise, company activities, shops, is also the terminal in the marketing force and the performance of labor contact store is a point to store, along with the market demand and time to open the depth, it focuses on the initiative of the salesman, stage point of work and aging continuity.

Although the advertising role can not be underestimated, but in more daily necessities, small low-priced goods acquisition practices, the ordinary households are not based on the manufacturer ads to do calculations overhead. Even like doors and windows such a large commodity, in the acquisition before consciously unconsciously in the brain perfusion, accumulation of appropriate information, often as long as the veritable door and window products will ultimately make a choice. When consumers enter the colorful, dazzling brand of the doors and windows of the oceans, perhaps the contentment mass media such as television, newspapers, radio and other information has been forgotten. At this time, the manufacturer assumes that there is a store to implement, will be confused in the commodity in the ocean of consumers to put a compass, and then "fix" the consumer, play the role of the winner.

Some people have asked Ma Yun, the next electric dealer's sought-after work where? Jack Ma does not hesitate to reply: Home decoration. According to the data indicated by Ali, the home decoration work will be crossed into the first major category of electric business, the annual plan can reach 500 billion yuan. Together, the doors and Windows work path is the trend of different trends. Specifically, the performance of the electric business and the traditional doors and windows shops will no longer be a game of each other, but the path of the two to contact each other, complementary to each other.