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On customization development of doors and windows industry

Apr 11, 2017

Customization and scale of opposition

Doors and windows are customized products, to complete industrialization, the first to break the customized products difficult to complete the large-scale standardized production bottleneck. Because custom products are too personalized, need tailor-made, and the specification is missing, so the speed of the door and window profession is limited. This is the antithesis between personalization and scale, it is difficult to restrict the profession like furniture, home appliances so simple and bigger and stronger source. So usually, the doors and windows occupation is difficult to render "oligarchy", want to complete "a single big, size take all" is not currently perhaps, so "a hundred schools of contention, a hundred schools of contention" scenes in the doors and windows and other customized class career rendering.

Customized home to be hot in shopping malls

In the doors and windows such as home shopping malls, consumers to customized home need exuberant. Landlord new house from the door, home doors and windows, wardrobe, cloakroom, shoe cabinets, shelves and other furniture want to customize is still buy products, this is a question: single from the quotation to think, customized doors and windows than the same material products more expensive, but the customized doors and windows more sensitive, full use of corner corners every space, is for the space to create alone, and can be reconciled with the personality of all home decoration, so the needs of consumers more easily satisfied, even if the quotation is higher, customized furniture is still expected by the mall.

Industry insiders think that the house huxing structure unreasonable, the type of inconsistency is caused by today's customization needs such a strong main reason, consumers in order to avoid the pipeline, to avoid the unreasonable housing type have to choose Custom. But in the long term, this element will also follow the developer attention to huxing planning more reasonable, more consistent development of the real estate, and not, from the cost of the reduction of the people on the basis of the need to dismantle the demolition of the house caused by the construction of waste and capital abuse is also the trend. Windows and doors customized "cold" table now customized to the door and window companies to carry out the scale of restrictions, "hot" table now shopping malls to the need for customization exuberant.