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Methods of improving energy-saving performance of aluminium alloy doors and windows

Apr 11, 2017

Aluminum doors and windows have a good function, light weight, beautiful, good daylighting, durable, easy recovery and high utilization, no environmental pollution and other characteristics of people's liking. However, the characteristics of the poor heat insulation function of the frame material affect the application of aluminum doors and windows. Therefore, the improvement of its thermal insulation and energy-saving function is the key points to deal with the technical problems of aluminum doors and windows, but also the development direction of doors and windows companies

Improved structural planning

To improve the functions and grades of existing doors and windows, there is a need to improve structural planning, a change in the past only to seek provincial, provincial, low-quote low-level construction, the completion of a push-pull window to the main function of the better flat-open-oriented transition, complete single-layer, double-layer, three-tier and small open large fixed diversification system

Focus on selection of raw materials

① The overall request should be the strength of good, heat insulation function, easy to make a variety of shapes, but also easy to recover and conducive to environmental protection. Aluminum frame material to improve its thermal insulation function, it is advisable to make broken bridges or compound type.

Glass should be used in insulating glass, and in the north should be implemented using Low-E hollow glass. In the south, in the area of solar radiation heat, the use of sun-coated glass should be introduced. Foreign developed countries have basically no single glass and white glasses, because they are not conducive to energy saving and improve the living environment