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Five reasons let you fall in love with aluminum alloy doors and windows

Apr 11, 2017

1, aluminum alloy raw material strength and rigidity of the contrast, in the profile of the internal joints into a good frame system, window frames, fan corners and joints of the welding angular strength are better, so that the strength of the wind pressure will be compared.

2, water tightness and gas-tightness contrast, because the size of aluminum alloy profiles high precision, door and window frame fans better, so the sealing will be compared.

3, daylighting contrast, aluminum alloy Member shading Area contrast small, the horizon contrast, home decoration effect contrast stronger, more conducive to building lighting energy saving, because the bathroom and kitchen is generally in the construction of backlight, daylighting function is indispensable.

4, fire resistance contrast, aluminum alloy profiles on the wrong combustion, than the refractory of the plastic and combustible wood relatively good.

5, aluminum alloy is an outstanding conductive body, as the construction of the peripheral, the adoption of useful grounding, can be used as lightning protection equipment, can be useful to avoid electrostatic scene.