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Contrast between aluminium alloy doors and windows and PVC doors and windows

Apr 11, 2017

1. Corrosion Resistance: aluminum alloy after corrosion prone to surface oxidation, shorten the service life. and PVC doors and windows are resistant to acid alkali and other chemical substances corrosion, therefore not afraid of urban environmental pollution, hydrochloric acid and rain erosion.

2. Sound insulation effect. In the aluminum alloy surrounded by sealing strips, can effectively reduce the acoustic resonance effect, blocking the transmission of sound, can reduce noise 30dB above. The sound insulation effect is better than the plastic door.

3. Style craft performance. PVC doors and windows and aluminum alloy doors and windows can be made according to their own requirements to open, push and pull, hanging and curved window, elegant appearance of novelty. PVC doors and windows surface can be colored, coated, multi-color coextrusion; aluminum alloy doors and windows surface can be sprayed, electrophoresis, color can also be diversified.

4. Insulation effect. Plastic profiles of the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy 1/1250, 1/357 steel, the same two rooms, steel doors and windows of the room, in the winter than the height of aluminum alloy 5 ℃, in the summer and low 5 ℃ around, energy-saving effect is very obvious.

5. Service life: aluminum alloy in the door of hardness than steel door high. Plastic doors because of the overall molding, installation speed, so that the overall efficiency greatly improved. But because plastic doors are prone to aging, so the service life is lower than aluminum doors and windows.