Aluminium Vertical Slider Window

1.Glass Low-e/Tempered/Reflective/Floated/Hollow/Laminated, etc. Single/Double/Triple(for cold area and cyclone area Single: 5mm-12mm Double: 5mm+6A+5mm/ 5mm+9A+5mm/ 6mm+9A+6mm,etc. Laminated Glass:4mm+0.38pvb+4mm/6mm+0.76pvb+6mm,etc. 2.Hardware Customized: Chinese Top Brand(Kin...

Product Details

Aluminium Vertical Slider Window

The Aluminium Vertical Slider Window is composed of an inner sash, an outer sash and a fixed window frame. The fixed upper window frame is made of a mouth-shaped aluminum alloy profile, and a gusset plate is arranged in the inner cavity of the upper window frame. A spring-loaded balance mechanism is mounted on the gusset. The vertical window frame on both sides is made of E-shaped aluminum alloy profile, and the inner cavity is provided with a gusset plate. The window frame and window mullion of the inner sash and the outer sash are made of aluminum alloy profiles and are connected by screws.