Aluminium Shopfront Glazing

Aluminium Shopfront Glazing
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Aluminium Shopfront Glazing 


1. It can be partially disassembled and reused many times. Some materials in the compartment system will not bring waste to the environment. It is a green building material with long service life. In the long run, the installation of the glass partition system material of the office is better than the installation. Other forms of partitioning materials are cheaper and more cost effective.

2. During use, the position of doors, windows, physical modules and glass partitions can be changed at any time. It can be reassembled and reused. After the materials are disassembled, the damage is minimal and the cost of frequent office relocation can be greatly reduced.

3. The aluminum alloy glass partition internal structure makes it easy to lay the cable. It is not necessary to wall-buried, the maintenance and replacement of the cable is more convenient, the strong and weak electricity is separated, and the cable trough can shield the signal line.

4. Aluminum alloy glass partition installation is faster than ordinary partition wall.

5. Aluminum alloy glass partition fire-resistant fireproof, the compartment system is composed of metal structure, glass, aluminum alloy and other materials are also fire-resistant. When the internal structure of the compartment system is steel structure, the fire resistance limit is 30MIN, 60MIN or longer. time.

6. The aluminum alloy glass partition is discharged without pollution and odor, and can be used immediately after installation.

7. The inside of the aluminum alloy glass partition door frame is pre-installed with sealing strips, which improves the sound insulation effect and sealing performance. The door bottom sealing strip can be added to make the sound insulation system complete.

8. Aluminum alloy glass partition High quality imported venetian blinds can be installed inside two layers of glass, not easy to dirty, no cleaning.

9. The aluminum alloy glass partition has good sound insulation effect, and the partition wall has very good sound insulation effect.