Aluminium Partition Sections

Feature : -Light weight, high strength, extreme rigidity, superior impact resistance, -excellent surface flatness and smoothness , -heat insulation, sound insulation, fire-resistance, -acid-resistance, alkali-resistance, good weatherproofing and non-resonance -various uniform colors ,can be...

Product Details

Aluminium Partition Sections

1. It only takes a few centimeters of aluminum partition wall to separate the room. If a solid wall is used, the thickness is several times that of the aluminum alloy partition.

2. The aluminum alloy partition wall is easier to install or disassemble than the ordinary partition wall, and the speed is fast. After installation or disassembly, the damage to the ground wall is small.

3. The office space with aluminum alloy partitions is stylish and beautiful, simple and atmospheric.

4. The sealing wall is pre-installed in the partition wall, which has good sealing performance and improves the sound insulation effect.

5. Easy to clean, install or disassemble, no pollution and odor emission, make the environment better

6. Can be customized according to the customer's site


1. Meeting room, negotiation room, design room

Available with crosspiece type, double-sided tempered glass is composed of 5mm+5mm. Because of the high sound insulation coefficient of this combination, it meets the quiet and interference-free requirements of the above locations. The crosspiece design can reflect the atmosphere and the effect of stability.

2. Chairman and general manager's office

The built-in venetian blind type is available, and the double-sided tempered glass is composed of 5mm+5mm. Mainly considering the sound insulation effect considerations, in line with the privacy requirements of the above places. The built-in venetian blinds add a function of communicating with the external environment and are more intimate.

3. Large office area

The spacious and bright working environment reflects the modern atmosphere and management style, and the interaction between employees will greatly improve their work efficiency and satisfaction. Therefore, single-sided glass side and double sided glass types are available.

4. Large exhibition hall

Display and sales are increasingly connected. Because the staff must keep abreast of the situation in the exhibition hall and communication with multiple customers, but also need to negotiate privately with individual customers. Therefore, the choice of no crosspiece type is suitable. .