Aluminium Curtain Wall Section

Description Light-weight, easy to install, in fashionable design, heat-insulation, noise-insulation Aluminium (Aluminium Curtain wall in visible or in invisible). The Curtain Wall System is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural, but merely keep out the...

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Aluminium Curtain Wall Section

The curtain wall is a form of the perimeter wall of the building. The curtain wall generally does not bear the weight, and it is similar to the hanging curtain. It is also called the hanging curtain, that is, the lightweight wall hanging from the outside of the main structure. The curtain wall is characterized by good decorative effect, light weight and fast installation speed. It is an ideal type of lightweight and assembled exterior wall, so it is widely used in modern large and high-rise buildings.

Aluminum is the most widely used metal structural material in the construction industry after steel. The main items used in the construction industry are aluminum doors and windows and curtain walls. Aluminum has good material properties, such as low density (2710kg/m3), suitable strength, good chemical stability, easy to keep clean, high electrical conductivity, good radiation performance, suitable for anodizing, and easy to process. Curtain wall profiles generally use 6063-T5 grade aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy. The production process is to add the required chemical components in a solution of pure aluminum ingots and continuously cast aluminum alloy profiles of various specifications.