Privy Aluminium Blinds Opening Window Frame

Specification: 1.Profile: Non thermal break or thermal break system is available 2.Profile thickness:1.4mm-2.0mm 3.Surface treatment: Powder coacted/Electrophoresis/Anodized/PVDF 4.Glass: customized(low-e glass is available) 5.Hardware: Made in China/Germany 6.Venetian Blinds style: manual style...

Product Details


1.Profile: Non thermal break or thermal break system is available 

2.Profile thickness:1.4mm-2.0mm

3.Surface treatment: Powder coacted/Electrophoresis/Anodized/PVDF 

4.Glass: customized(low-e glass is available) 

5.Hardware: Made in China/Germany 

6.Venetian Blinds style: manual style 

7.Dimenssion: available in any size as per your needs.


1.provides optimal ventilation for the interiors of your house. 

2.easy to install and replace. 

3.Aluminum is known for being hardy, making it an excellent material for casement windows. 

4.good heat preservation,can endure extreme temperatures so they are ideal whether you live in an area that has extremely cold or warm weather. 

5.aluminum casement windows are very lightweight so they do not put any added strain on your wall. 

6.have good ability to control noise making them ideal for schools. 

7.require little maintenance 

8.shut tightly and provide a firm lasting seal. 

9.easy to clean when you choose inward casement window 

10.can save Interior space when you choose outward casement window 

11.Vertical blinds will offer you the privacy and light control you need, with all the design flexibility you desire.