Aluminium Tilt And Turn Window Adjustment

Product Details

Description of Aluminium Tilt and Turn Window Adjustment

Cast and extruded with advanced aluminum alloy

Finger grip built into the top and bottom sash rails.

Double hung sashes allow easy cleaning of window glass from inside the building.

Standard sill is rated to 200Pa water resistance. There is a tubular sill option for 300Pa water resistance projects.

Hardware and linkage mechanism are hidden in the hardware slot, easy maintenance, alarm devices can be installed.

Corrosion-resistant, not easy to deformation, fireproof, long life, to meet the high-rise building doors and windows requirements

Light weight, high strength, good lighting, airtight, watertight, good thermal insulation, good sound insulation

Surface coating further improves its weatherability

Color: white, brown, gray, double color, wood grain, can be customized


Max. Panel Hight : 1300 mm

Max. Panel Width:1100 mm

Max. Glass Thickness: 20 mm